An activist is tabling for STAR Voting in California

Fired up and ready to get out in the community and tell the world about STAR Voting? Our Tabling Kit is your starter pack to get you out there!

You can order a pre-made tabling kit from us for way less than it costs to make it yourself, or just pick and choose the resources you need from the list below. You'll definitely want plenty of mini-zines for handing out, plus enough materials to get people's attention and get them engaged.

Everything previewed below can also be found in the Tabling Kit Google Drive Folder. You don't need all of the materials listed on this page, and often you won't have room for them all, so feel free to pick a few materials and skip the rest. If you are printing materials yourself, please download images as pdfs and get them professionally printed unless you have a quality printer at home. For materials with color graphics, please print them in color, not black and white. 

Mini-zines can be ordered from us directly, or if your chapter is launching a campaign and will need tons, you can print, fold, and staple them yourselves using these instructions.

Before you leave the house, make sure you go through the tabling checklist at the end of the page to make sure you have everything you'll need. 


Tabling Kit


11'' x 17'' Laminated Slides/Graphics
A picture's worth a thousand words. These laminated slides are everything you need to give a full presentation with visual aids on the fly. No projector needed. Lay the stack with just the first slide showing or lay out a couple as space permits. As you give your spiel or answer questions, you can flip to the slide that illustrates your point. (To make your own, print single-sided on thick paper, put back to back, and laminate.) Order a laminated set here


Email List and Sign-Up Sheet
Make sure to have at least 3 copies of the sign up sheet on a clipboard in the middle of the table for a large event. Better yet, have a tablet on the table where people can sign up through the website at


STAR Voting tabling or general canvassing script
This doesn't go out on the table, but you should have it handy as a reference. Read carefully and practice! Feel free to vary the script itself depending on what works for you. 


FAQ: Double-sided and print-ready
It's a good idea to bring around 10 of these to a tabling event. These are not to be passed out, generally, but are available for people who want to know more and who won't waste them! 


STAR Voting One Sheet
It's a good idea to bring around 10-20 of these to a tabling event. These are not to be passed out generally but are available for people who want to know more and who won't waste them! 


STAR Voting Quarter Sheet
1/4 sheets are a great handout and visual aid for showing people the ballot and explaining how STAR Voting works. They go hand in hand with the mini-zines and are perfect as a visual aid as you get people signed up.  


Sign Up and Donate Sheet
Make it really easy for supporters to get involved and donate to the cause!  


Our pocket sized (mini-magazine) handouts. Everything you need to know, the size of a business card. You can either order them pre-made or print and make your own following these instructions. (Pronounced "zeen" like magazine.)


Clipboard Kit
If you have an initiative or petition you're circulating, be sure to bring your own canvassing kit, plus a few spares in case you recruit others to help while you're at the event. 


Tabling Checklist:

Items not included above that you'll need to bring or arrange for:

  • A tabling buddy. Tabling is much better with two people, and it's more fun. Bring a friend, even if they don't know much about STAR Voting yet! 
  • STAR Voting t-shirts for your team to wear. Put in the promo code: VOLUNTEERSROCK for 25% off!
  • pens (at least 5)
  • clipboards for your sign up sheets (at least 2)
  • rocks or weights (for papers in the wind)
  • a table and tablecloth if needed
  • a tablet or laptop if you have one (for sign-ups, donations through the website, or demo polls)
  • a donation jar
  • some vertical signage (a sign with info on how to get involved or help in a picture frame is great)
  • star-shaped helium balloons, sunglasses, stickers, or swag of any kind
  • and of course any campaign or initiative petition materials you might need!