It's time to canvass! Whether you're collecting signatures for an initiative or just want to recruit some new volunteers, our Clipboard Kit has some of the basics you'll need to get on your feet and starting talking to people.

If you're collecting signatures for a ballot initiative, be sure to talk to your field coordinator so you have all the correct materials and training you're legally required to. You can find some generic resources in the Clipboard Kit Google Drive Folder or in the previews below. For mini-zines, you can either order them from our shop or, if you need a ton, make them yourself using the instructions on this page.

Before you head out, put a copy of each of these sheets on your clipboard and bring plenty of pens to use and mini-zines to give away!


Clipboard Kit




Email List and Sign-Up Sheet
It's good to use a sign-up sheet that already has a few rows filled out so people feel they're not alone when writing down their info. You can keep track of who's already been entered by drawing a vertical line to the left of those rows. Alternatively, folks can always sign up at if they prefer. 


STAR Voting Canvassing Script and Instructions for Gathering Signatures
Keep this handy as a reference. Read carefully and practice! Feel free to vary the script itself depending on what works for you. The instructions include a checklist and a number of rules and tricks of the trade that you'll want to be up to speed on.


FAQ: Double-sided and print-ready
Keep this handy as a reference. Read carefully and practice! It's vital that we give people accurate information. If you're not sure how to answer a question, please direct people to for more info.



STAR Voting Quarter Sheet
1/4 sheets are a great handout and visual aid for showing people the ballot and explaining how STAR Voting works. They go hand in hand with the mini-zines and are perfect for having on your clipboard as you get people signed up.


Our pocket sized (mini-magazine) handouts. Everything you need to know, the size of a business card. You can either order them pre-made or print and make your own following these instructions.


STAR Voting for Oregon Canvassing Materials

If you happen to be collecting signatures for IP-11 STAR Voting for Oregon, you can find the printable materials specifically for that campaign in this Google Drive folder. Please email us at [email protected] before printing anything so we can go over the legal requirements for printing these materials.