What are mini-zines?

Mini-zines are our core handout. To date we've passed out around 20k in one on one conversations. Mini-zines are about the size of a business card and are an 8 page mini-magazine with everything you need to know in a nutshell. Two pieces of paper, held together with a single staple, zines are fun to make, and fun to read. Messaging made with love!

In politics and meetings people often go away feeling like they didn't do anything that will actually make a difference. Never again! Any boring old meeting can easily become an engaging action where volunteers can show up and make a difference right away. Just break out the zine-making kit! You can also get ready made zines from us by the pound at our Etsy shop.

To order your own box of zine making supplies you'll need some seed money, so pass a hat or organize a fundraiser. We get our zines printed by the box at Printivity for a fraction the cost*, then we get them cut into quarters at our local print-shop, (which minimizes wear and tear or bent edges during shipping.) At our events we collate the pages, fold stacks of 6-8 pages in half, staple each zine down the middle, and rubber band them in bunches.



We order a 3000 page box at a time, which makes 6000 mini-zines, for $420, or 14 cents a page. (Once we get them cut locally (6 cuts: remove edges, then quarter,) it comes out to about $500 in total. Smaller orders are an option too but the price gets higher the larger the order.


Supplies for your Mini-Zine Social Club event:

  • A box of zines, printed, trimmed, and cut into quarters.
  • Staplers- More the better. At least 2. One per person is great.
  • Staples- Standard small is best.
  • Rubber bands- The thin kind that come in big bags at office supply stores. Thick staples bend the zines.
  • Cardboard boxes for stacks of pages in various stages of construction. (Collated, Folded, Stapled, Rubber banded in stacks.) Shoe boxes, beer boxes, and similar are a good size.
  • Music to listen to or a movie to watch. Ideally something that doesn't require your full undivided attention.
  • Snacks and drinks. (Not allowed on the craft table!)


See images below for details on what options to select when you get your order printed.