Donate $50 and get your money back!

Oregon offers a unique Political Tax Credit to all taxpayers making under $75,000 per individual, or under $150,000 for joint-filing couples.

Both the STAR Voting for Oregon IP-11 and STAR Voting for Eugene campaigns are eligible! 

The credit is simple — qualifying Oregon taxpayers can give up to $50 per year (or $100 for joint-filing couples) to a state political party, and receive the full amount as a credit subtracted from your Oregon state taxes when you file.

It’s like a free $50 donation (or $100 for joint-filing couples), and it’s an important way to keep Oregon’s elections powered by grassroots supporters like you. 

You can qualify if:

  • You are an Oregon resident
  • You will submit an Oregon tax return for 2023
  • You will make less than $75,000 in 2023 (or $150,000 for joint-filing couples)

Use your 2023 Oregon Political Tax Credit to donate today!

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