STAR Voting is an idea everyone can get behind. After just a few short years of advocacy, STAR Voting has exploded in popularity. The groups above are just some of those who have endorsed STAR Voting from local to national, and many use STAR Voting for their own decision making.


"I (we) support the adoption and use of STAR Voting for public elections and encourage organizations to use STAR Voting internally."


There are also notable individuals who endorse STAR Voting. Here are just a few of them with their thoughts:

I've actively worked for better forms of voting since 2004, having left academia convinced that our democracy was in trouble due in large part to our outdated electoral system. I promoted Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) until I learned of STAR Voting in 2016. After months of careful scrutiny, I determined STAR Voting is not only an improvement on RCV, but a superior voting method overall that should make an enormous difference in bringing our democracy into the 21st century. - Alan Zundel, PhD, Political Science (University of Michigan, 1994); Tenured Political Science Professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas; former Oregon Secretary of State candidate; Chair, 2017 Oregon Redistricting Reform Task Force; and a leader of the successful Ranked Choice Voting campaign in Benton County, OR, 2016

“STAR Voting is truly the Ferrari of voting methods. STAR Voting is the culmination of decades of excellent electoral research and modeling. It brings together the best elements of other popular methods and leads the pack in study after study. I think STAR Voting is ready for its breakout moment, and it can't come soon enough. - Ammon Gruwell, Founder and Executive Director of the Utah Center for Electoral Reform

“I believe [STAR Voting] will have a positive effect in leveling the playing field for many BIPOC people who are essentially left out and locked out. I believe that STAR Voting allows fair and representative elections, eliminates spoilers, and combats the negative impacts of money in politics.” - Rosa Colquitt, PhD, Research Administration (North Carolina Sate University); President, Greater Portland National Organization for Women; and State Party Chair of the Democratic Party of Oregon

“Approval voting and STAR voting make your vote more powerful. Candidates have to fight for everyone’s vote, not just a fanatical minority. That means representatives that better reflect your values and respond to you.” - Alan Savage, President, California Approves


If you want action on the issues that you and most Oregonians care about most, I encourage you to vote for an upgrade to the STAR Voting system. - Chris Edwards, former State Senator, Oregon District 7

Most single-winner voting methods are really great and I'd be happy to use many of them, even for public elections, but if I was forced to pick just one, it might have to be STAR Voting. There are a ton of important considerations to balance and I think STAR just barely hits the mark on all of them, which is something I probably can't comfortably say about any other method.” - Sass, former candidate for US House, TX-35 and board director for Democracy Without Elections

Of the dozens of voting methods I know about, STAR Voting is one of the very best for single-winner political elections. It is undeniably a top-shelf election method, and arguably the best out of all the ones I tested.” - Jameson Quinn, PhD, Statistics (Harvard, 2019) and former Vice Chair of the Center for Election Science

“In terms of accuracy of representation, STAR Voting is the pinnacle of single-winner voting methods, combining expressivity and soundness to elect the truly most representative candidates.” - Nate Allen, Founder and Executive Director of Utah Approves

“STAR Voting is my first choice for any single-winner race. No other voting method balances all the trade-offs of desirable features as well as STAR Voting. - Keith Edmonds, PhD, High Energy Physics (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, 2011); former Physicist at CERN; and Principal Data Scientist at QuantumBlack

“[STAR Voting is] dramatically better than our current Choose One Voting method that leads to vote splitting, and is simpler and more effective than Ranked Choice Voting. STAR voting has been studied by social choice theorists and carries the best of Score and Approval Voting, while using an automatic runoff to encourage voters to highlight their true favorite vs good enough. STAR Voting collects a high resolution snapshot of voters' opinions about all candidates on the ballot and uses that data to fairly elect a consensus candidate. It’s resilient against vote splitting and aligns voters expectations with their incentives. - Felix Sargent, Chair of The Center for Election Science

“The AAUW (American Assn. of Univ. Women) Eugene-Lane branch endorses STAR Voting initiatives for Eugene, Lane County, and Oregon. Our branch has compared STAR Voting to other voting systems, and we feel it is expected to be the most effective voting system for achieving AAUW Oregon’s 2023–2024 governmental public policy goal: 'ensuring full and fair access to civil and constitutional rights, including meaningful campaign finance reform, open and fair elections, and nonpartisan voter education efforts that will promote equitable political participation and representation in appointed and elected offices.'

“Everyday working class Oregonians deserve a democracy that works for — and is accessible for — all of us. That’s why I am proud to endorse the adoption of STAR Voting in Oregon at all levels of government. STAR Voting will give Oregonians more choices, more freedom, and more transparency in our elections. We have to dare to build the world that we want to live in, and I want to live in a world with fair, inclusive, and equitable elections. I want to live in a world with STAR Voting. Let’s build that world together!” - Paige Kreisman, former candidate for State House, Oregon District 42

“STAR Voting is the solution to our increasingly polarized and fractured electorate. When voters are free to independently evaluate all the candidates they wish to, they're able to think outside the box and beyond the traditional labels. Our current system of choosing only a single candidate provides the least information possible—and often that one morsel of information is inaccurate because we're afraid to 'waste our vote' on a candidate who hasn't proven their 'electability' with big fundraising success or establishment accolades. STAR Voting is a simple and intuitive way for voters to express their political views. A zero to five score empowers you to say who is excellent, mediocre, or simply unfit for office. The automatic runoff ensures true majority support and incentivizes voters to state their honest opinion. As an Oregonian, I'm excited about the prospect of Oregon voters introducing STAR voting to the world.” - Clay Shentrup, Co-founder and Former Chair of the Center for Election Science

“Too often, elections end with a winner by a plurality of votes, leaving more than half the people with a choice that does not please them. STAR Voting makes sure that the winner is someone that meets the approval of the majority of voters from all parties." - Margie Trifari, State Volunteer Leader, RepresentUs Oregon

“Having experienced the failures of our voting system, first hand, STAR Voting is the first step to correcting the problems in our election system and returning ethics and honesty to politics. No other action, not even campaign finance reform, will do what STAR Voting will accomplish. This one action returns the power of government back to the people, through an equal vote.” - Leon Noble, former candidate for Governor, Oregon


“STAR Voting is a fantastic idea to better represent voters.” - Benjamin Singer, CEO, Show Me Integrity

“As a mathematician, I am deeply impressed by STAR Voting's ability to incentivize honest voting. It will be a powerful force in dissolving the stranglehold that the current 2-party system has on our political landscape, and I for one am ecstatic about that more representative future.” - Emily Dempsey, BS, Mathematics and Computer Science, Truman State University

STAR Voting is a better way to reflect the electoral will of our community. As democratic socialists, we believe that we must build a society and economy that meets all human needs, not to just make profits for a few. STAR Voting allows for Eugenians to vote their conscience without feeling like their votes are wasted. A voting system that increases participation is worthwhile and our chapter supports this measure. - Jacob Trewe, Treasurer, Eugene-Springfield Democratic Socialists of America

I support any effort to decrease power politics and increase the voice of the people, which [STAR Voting] is designed to do. - Joe Berney, former Lane County Commissioner

“Until voters can vote their conscience, it's not a democracy!” - Sara Wolk, former head of RepresentUs Oregon

“I support STAR Voting because it creates a more level playing field for candidates and will respect the will of the voters." - Julia DeGraw, community organizer and former candidate for PDX City Council

“It appears clear to almost everybody right now that our political process is broken. STAR Voting was created to address a fundamental root of the brokenness, namely an inequality of the voting franchise itself. We believe Eugene can lead the way for the nation and the world with a truly representative voting method. - Mark Frohnmayer, Founder of Arcimoto and Co-inventor of STAR Voting


STAR Voting has also been endorsed by:

  • Jamie McLeod Skinner, Candidate for US House, OR-5
  • Mark Hass, Former State Senator, Oregon District 14
  • Zach Hudson, State Representative, Oregon District 49
  • Chris Henry, former candidate for Oregon Governor
  • Betty Taylor, former Eugene City Councilor
  • Jennifer Yeh, Eugene City Councilor
  • Emily Semple, Eugene City Councilor
  • Keith Appleby
  • Mel Barber
  • Bob Cassidy
  • Rick Dancer
  • Ruth Duemler
  • Nicholas Engel
  • Len Hockley
  • Jane & Stefan Kwiatkowskis
  • James Yuki McQuire
  • Hallie Roberts
  • Stephen Robinson
  • Carol Scherer
  • Chenoa Skaggs
  • Jacob Strandlien
  • Joy Thomson
  • Arun N. Toké
  • Marianne Zundel
  • Erin Bear
  • Jonathan Bright
  • Maryellen Cooke
  • Douglas Estudillo
  • Jeffrey Flynn
  • Sean McClintock
  • Julia Rose
  • Lin Tucker
  • Adam Zielinski
  • Jim Cupples
  • Lonnie Douglas
  • Kris MacAlister
  • Deborah Simplier
  • Nora Kent
  • Kevin Matthews
  • Thomas A. Brown
  • Elin England
  • Don Schneider
  • Aaron Wolf
  • Laura E. Stine
  • Courtney N. Love
  • Rhonda Walker


There are many others who felt compelled to share their thoughts on STAR Voting. Here are some of them:

“I’m a longtime advocate of better voting systems, since well before FairVote started. Voting system criteria I introduced are still in wide use. The 'winning-votes' defeat measure for Condorcet that I introduced for strategic resistance was journal-acclaimed and is still recognized for that advantage and used in the popular Schulze method, among others. I’ve been a longtime [Condorcet advocate], but I recognize STAR as the very best among current active proposals, and simple and brief enough to have a head start. STAR is by far the best currently active proposal: simple, brief, and able to be free of [vote splitting].” - Michael Ossipoff,

“Choosing between the 'lesser-of-two-evils' is no longer satisfactory for a nation as diverse — in culture, as well as landscape — as The United States.” - Dalton Zerlan

“STAR Voting is the first step in giving the power of government back to the people and out of the hands of lobbying interests.” - Ryan Hassan

“I believe STAR voting may address two critical problems in our voting system: the elimination of the third candidate spoiler effect; and improving confidence that each of us can express our true preference without remorse and fear of wasting the vote.” - Tom Bowerman

“Electoral reform is long overdue. STAR Voting is the best method in my opinion.” - Quentin Lewis

“I encourage you to vote FOR STAR Voting, a system where leaders who bring people together have the electoral advantage.” - Jordan Pape

“I believe [STAR Voting is] the most fair way to elect officials. ” - Kim Darden

“I endorse STAR voting because I believe the two-party system is corrupt and a threat to our democracy.” - Mont Chris Hubbard

“STAR Voting is the best option available that allows voters to vote their conscience and know their vote will count in determining the winner even if their favorite can’t win.” - Jas Davis

“I love the ability of STAR Voting to express a preference for multiple candidates. I don’t have to think about who has the most money or worry if voting for my favorite candidate will split the vote.” - James Barber, former candidate for East Lane County Commissioner

No other voting method is as transparent, satisfying, and simple at the same time. - Nathan Li

Let's end the greater evil argument. Let's vote our conscience and maintain a peace of mind. I'm urging support in pushing legislation for STAR Voting. We are sick and tired of hearing the 'Lesser Evil' argument. When a voter makes this argument, it is clear they're not voting their conscience, but rather out of fear of a greater evil. We can end this with STAR Voting. Help voters vote their conscience AND have peace of mind. Push STAR Voting. - Artemis Wanderlust

“The three way race for [Oregon] governor in 2022 is a perfect example of why we need this reform! - Ethan Smith

Equal Vote Coalition and STAR Voting are awesome, so I support them. - Andrew Bushard, M.A. (MSU-Mankato, 2004)


Lastly are a few words of encouragement from groups that haven't officially endorsed yet:

“[We] think STAR Voting is worth testing — we think it’s an interesting approach...we support [STAR] getting some actual election experience.” - Sightline Institute

“I don't see bullet voting as a strategic incentive with STAR Voting...FairVote is neutral on STAR Voting in governmental elections.” - Rob Richie, Founder, Senior Advisor, and former CEO and President of FairVote