STAR Voting 101:

"How Does STAR Voting Work?"

STAR Voting, explained simply.

"STAR Voting: It sure beats the alternative"

A great intro to the STAR Voting concept and STAR Voting for Eugene campaign:


"Unlocking the Promise of One Person, One Vote | How to ELIMINATE Vote-Splitting"

An accessible breakdown of the most important fundamental concept in designing a voting method, the Equal Vote, and why we support STAR Voting.


Why voting feels TERRIBLE: A Space Fabric Odyssey

This dance troupe has an important decision to make, but how they decide will make all the difference. Come along on their odyssey as they try out voting with Choose One Plurality, then Ranked Choice Voting, and then finally STAR Voting.


¿Cómo funciona la Votación Estrella?
(How does STAR Voting Work?)

El método de la Votación Estrella explicado de forma sencilla.


The "It's Fatally Flawed" Video series
Part 1 covers the problems with our current voting method. Part 2 introduces a few alternative voting systems which have been proposed, and Part 3 explains what STAR Voting is, where it came from, and why we need it.


Comparing Voting Methods:

"Maybe We Were Wrong About Ranked Choice Voting"
Equal Vote Executive Director Sara Wolk and Deputy Director Sass join Mr. Beat in debunking some commonly held myths about different voting methods. Grab yourself a snack because once you start watching, you won't be able to stop! 


"Animated Voting Methods"

Voting system accuracy is studied and modeled using simulated elections. This video visually illustrates the results of the Yee simulations, which clearly show election biases, unrepresentative outcomes due to spoilers, and other fail scenarios in a clear and eye opening ways. 


Voting Methods Playlist

Annie Kallen, our President of the Equal Vote Coalition maintains a YouTube playlist with informative videos on various voting methods. Many systems and concepts are reviewed and analyzed.



"PDX Charter Review Commission Form of Voting Q&A"

The Portland Charter Review Commission Subcommittee on "Form of Voting" met with Sara Wolk, Executive Director at Equal Vote Coalition, and Mike Alfoni, from Oregon RCV, over Zoom to discuss and compare STAR Voting and Ranked Choice Voting.


"Nerds for Humanity Podcast:"

Expert Nerd Panel: Ranked Choice Voting, STAR Voting, Approval Voting... Which one is best?


Interviews and Presentations:

"Oakridge Inspires Presentation"


"Live on Hello World" 
Mark Frohnmeyer breaks the news... There is a flaw in our voting method driving a wedge through the heart of our country. And it's fixable.


"STAR Voting in under 5 Minutes"
A presentation from Mark Frohnmayer, founder of the Equal Vote Coalition. 


"Mark Frohnmeyer on the origins of STAR Voting"
Listen to the fascinating origins of STAR voting in this interview on the Alan on Politics podcast.

Part 1:

Part 2:


"STAR Voting for Lane County"
Brief STAR Voting explanation from the Lane County, Oregon campaign.


"Inclusivity in Voting Reform: A conversation with Sara Wolk, Equal Vote Executive Director"


Roundtables and Testimony:

"Eugene City Council: Public Testimony"
The December 11th, 2023 meeting of the Eugene City Council was an opportunity for STAR Voting supporters to call on the council to cancel their future work session on a competing measure.



"Eugene City Council: Public Testimony"
The March 9th, 2020 meeting of the Eugene City Council was the last chance for public testimony before the scheduled April 8th, 12pm Eugene Work Session on STAR Voting.


"Independent Party Primary STAR Voting Retrospective"
The Independent Party of Oregon and STAR Elections discuss the IPO's historic use of STAR voting for their 2020 primary election in this roundtable discussion.

Posted by STAR Voting on Tuesday, May 12, 2020


"Voter Intent with Jamie McLeod-Skinner"
Oregon Secretary of State candidate Jamie McLeod-Skinner hosts a round table on voter intent. Mike Alfoni discusses ranked choice voting and Sara Wolk discusses STAR voting.

Democracy School - Long form presentations

"STAR Voting and Other Voting Systems"
A presentation to the People's Party with Sara Wolk from the Equal Vote Coalition


"Presenting Proportional STAR Voting"
A presentation from the Equal Vote Coalition's 0-5 Star Proportional Representation Committee Report. Learn about proportional representation and what makes Proportional STAR Voting groundbreaking. 


"Presentation to Gresham Charter Review Committee"
Back-to-back presentations going over the nature of the equal vote, how to pick a voting method, the advantages of STAR Voting, the nature of proportional representation, considerations for districting, and more. 


"Equitable Representation and Glass Ceilings in Politics"



Oregon County Clerks Testify on RCV: