When Sat, Apr 14, 2018 at 10:00am 5 hrs
Where Pioneer Courthouse Square 701 SW 6th Ave, Portland, OR 97204, United States

STAR Voting is the cutting edge of voting science and how else should we decide the most influential issue of our times?

Comprehensive simulations run by The Center For Election Science at Harvard University showed that STAR Voting was the most accurate at electing the candidate that best represents the will of the electorate. The same simulations showed that STAR Voting is highly resistant to strategic voting and still gets great outcomes when people try and game the system. Even better it showed that dishonest voting is not a good strategy and is more likely to hurt you than to help you.

Honesty is the best policy! In politics... Imagine that!

Voter Satisfaction Efficiency Study from The Center For Election Science

Will you come?