• Under this STAR Voting Act, 5 star ballots can be converted into a more simple “popular vote” as needed for party ballot access, delegate allocation rules, and national reporting of preliminary election results for races that use different voting methods in different jurisdictions (such as if one state or county used STAR and another used RCV or Choose-One).
  • A candidate will get a simplified “popular vote” from a voter if they are that voter’s favorite. (This basically converts 5 star ballots to Approval ballots for these purposes.) Note that the “popular vote” conversion is not used for actually electing candidates. Candidates are elected using STAR Voting. 
  • If the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC) were to go into effect, this calculation would be used for calculating the National Popular Vote unless further protocols were adopted. Equal Vote is working with NPVIC on additional legislation that would ensure that National Popular Vote would work as intended and be implemented fairly and consistently across all states which use alternative voting methods.