When Thu, May 17, 2018 at 6:30pm 2 hrs 30 mins
Contact Adam [email protected]
Come on over to Asa and Lynne Christiana's house to socialize with good friends and volunteers from the STAR Voting campaign to find out what STAR Voting is all about! (STAR stands for Score-Then-Automatic-Runoff)

We will be serving beer, wine, non-alcoholic refreshments, and light appetizers. If you live in Multnomah County you will be able to sign our petition to bring STAR Voting to Multnomah County on this November's ballot. Also please bring your checkbook in case you feel inspired to help us out and make a donation. Contributions are eligible for the Oregon state political tax credit, up to $50 for individuals or $100 for married couples. So you get the money back on next April's state tax return.

The STAR Voting for Multnomah County initiative promises to completely revolutionize democracy by eliminating the spoiler effect and vote splitting, and by promoting honest voting by allowing people to score all candidates according to their preference. It's a new voting system that let's you show your full opinion and never wastes your vote.

Find out more at our web page at https://www.starvoting.us/
Also please like our STAR Voting Facebook page.
Donate at: https://www.starvoting.us/donate
Will you come?