You've studied the science, you've done the outreach, and now you've scored your first presentation! Be sure to post about your opportunity in the Presentation Committee Channel in the STAR Voting Slack and contact us at [email protected] to set up a time to prepare. Beyond that, you can find some base materials in the Presentation Kit Google Drive Folder and in the previews below.


Presentation Kit


STAR Voting Full Presentation Deck
More slides than you'll ever need for a single presentation. Make a copy for yourself and move the slides around to fit your needs. We suggest moving slides that are not part of your core presentation to after your last slide so that you'll be prepared with visuals to answer just about any question. There's a ton of versatility here and we want you to succeed, so please contact us at [email protected] so we can help you prepare!


STAR vs Ranked Choice Presentation Template
As opinions on Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) continue to intensify and misinformation continues to spread, some audiences may need a presentation focused on getting the facts straight and juxtaposing the core differences between STAR Voting and RCV. As with the full slide deck, this a template to be molded to your needs.


15-minute presentation and accompanying script ready to present
You should always invest the time to prepare a presentation tailored to your specific audience, but if for some reason you need slides and a script right now, the two links just above cover all of the most important points everyone needs to hear.


11'' x 17'' Laminated Slides/Graphics
A picture's worth a thousand words. These laminated slides are everything you need to give a full presentation with visual aids on the fly. No projector needed. You can either order them as part of our Tabling Kit or get them printed out single-sided on thick 11" x 17" cards and then have them sandwiched together back-to-back in pairs inside of professional lamination.


Custom STAR Voting Ballot
The best way for most voters to learn about STAR Voting is to use it. If you contact us at [email protected], we can easily make you a ballot customized for your event, but if you want to fill in the blanks yourself, feel free to use this ballot made just for that.


STAR Voting One Sheet
It's a good idea to bring around 10-20 of these to a tabling event. These are not to be passed out generally but are available for people who want to know more and who won't waste them!