After years of research and collaboration, Dr. Jameson Quinn, Sara Wolk, and Marcus Ogren have published "STAR Voting, equality of voice, and voter satisfaction: considerations for voting method reform", a paper about voting science and reform for the peer-reviewed journal Constitutional Political Economy. The core findings align with and build on previous work showing the accuracy of different voting methods relative to each other, and new research demonstrates why ensuring voters having an equally-weighted vote is paramount to achieving representative outcomes in public elections. The paper is the first to rigorously define key concepts into the academic literature such as Favorite Betrayal Criterion, the Equality Criterion, and to link vulnerability to vote-splitting and the Spoiler Effect directly with the controversial Later-No-Harm Criterion. Additionally, through the introduction of the new Pivotal Voter Strategic Incentive metric, this is the first paper to break down specific strategies and the incentive for voters to use or avoid each strategy under different methods. We're excited to contribute these new findings to the literature.

All together, it's a great read well worth your time. Check it out at the link below: