Let's bring STAR Voting to elections across Ohio!

STAR Voting is an innovative voting method for more representative elections.

Our current voting method, Choose One Plurality, presents many problems towards the ideals of a representative democracy, such as incentivizing you to vote for the “lesser evil” candidate on your side who seems most electable. STAR Voting, on the other hand, empowers you to vote your conscience without “throwing away” your vote!

Instead of being limited to picking just one candidate, you can score as many candidates as you like, showing your preference order and level of support for the options.

STAR Voting for Ohio is a citizens’ advocacy group to spread the word about STAR Voting, aiming to bring it to elections across the state from private organizations and local races all the way to the presidential primary and general elections.



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You can help regardless of your location, availability, or schedule - many hands are needed to bring STAR Voting to Ohio!

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