• No. While the two methods do have a lot in common, STAR Voting is a modern voting method invented to better deliver on the goals of RCV, while addressing known issues with the 150 year old system.
  • In RCV, not all rankings given are actually counted, and ignoring this ballot data leads to serious issues in competitive elections. In STAR Voting, all ballot data is counted and every ballot is included in the deciding round of the election.
  • STAR Voting is simpler and more transparent for voters, more accurate and more resistant to strategy, and easier to officiate and audit as well
  • STAR Voting is tallied using simple addition in only two rounds, so it can be tallied quickly and easily at the local level, and it also scales well, while RCV requires centralized tabulation, making it less secure, creating logistical and legal issues, and causing significant delays before results can be reported.

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