Independent Party Primary
May 19th, 2020


This year the Independent Party of Oregon primary took place online, using STAR Voting. The election was officiated by STAR Elections, our own in house team. For more information about the Independent Party and the election process itself see the IPO Primary FAQ here.


Election Results with 100% reporting:

• Democrat Joe Biden wins the Presidential Preference Poll with 55%, beating Trump with 39%.
• Republican Kim Thatcher wins the Secretary of State with 36%, beating Ken Smith with 34%.
• Independent Chris Henry wins the State Treasurers race with 44%, beating Jeff Gudman with 40%.
• In three races, three different parties won. Democrat for President, Republican for Secretary of State and Independent for State Treasurer. These swing voters did not vote a party line.
• Based on voters top scored candidates, if this were Choose-One-Only voting the presidential preference poll would likely have resulted in vote splitting between the Biden and Sanders voters. With STAR Voting the majority was able to show that they preferred either Democrat over Donald Trump.
• 71% of voters used values other than 0 and 5.
61.9% of voters gave scores to multiple candidates. 



Presidential Preference Poll:

Joe Biden wins
Total votes: 711, Total undervotes: 32
Scoring Round: (Total Scores)
Joe Biden 1661
Bernie Sanders 1227
Donald Trump 1389
Runoff: (Votes, Preferences)
Joe Biden - 392 55.13%
Donald Trump - 280 39.38%
No Preference - 39 5.49%

Secretary of State:

Kim Thatcher wins
Total votes: 722, Total undervotes: 21
Scoring Round: (Total Scores)
Shemia Fagan 902
Mark Hass 937
Jamie McLeod-Skinner 1092
Ken Smith 1240
Kim Thatcher 1478
Armand "Rich" Vial 801
Runoff: (Votes, Preferences)
Ken Smith - 247 34.21%
Kim Thatcher - 260 36.01%
No Preference - 215

State Treasurer:

Chris Henry wins
Total votes: 701, Total undervotes: 42
Scoring Round: (Total Scores)
Jeff Gudman 1566
Chris Henry 1601
Tobias Read 1268
Runoff: (Votes, Preferences)
Jeff Gudman - 283 40.37%
Chris Henry - 305 43.51%
No Preference - 113 16.12%
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