Political Elections:

  • STAR Voting was used in the Independent Party of Oregon primary for Secretary of State and State Treasurer, as well as in a presidential preference poll.
  • STAR Voting was used by the Democratic Party of Oregon to elect Oregon's presidential delegates to the Democratic National Convention.
  • STAR Voting is being used for all internal elections for the Multnomah County Democrats.
  • STAR Voting has been widely used by many groups in the private sector and non-profit space for internal elections and decision making. 
  • Eugene, Oregon hopes to be the first city to adopt STAR Voting for public municipal elections. 

For more information, check out our Elections Case Studies page.


More Vetting:

  • Voting method outcomes can be tested and studied using computer simulations of various election scenarios and statistical analysis. These studies allow researchers to model tens of thousands of realistic election scenarios, including those with distinct factions, with strategic voters, and with realistic voter behaviors. STAR Voting has performed very well and topped the charts across the board in all simulations and studies it's been included in, including peer reviewed research on voting method accuracy and strategic voting incentives
  • STAR Voting was actually invented based on the findings from voting method studies and cutting-edge science in voting theory. In the year 2000, modeling showed that the most accurate voting method of thousands tested was a score voting primary followed by a top two general election. STAR Voting is the same method, but voters only need to vote once because the top two preferences are already shown on voter's ballots.
  • Since 2018 thousands of STAR elections have been hosted in person and online using a variety of tools; Google Forms, Simply Voting, Telegram, and Star.Vote all let users easily set up a STAR Voting election or vote in existing polls. More on election hosting options can be found here. 


This is a pivotal moment for Oregon to pioneer a new path in voting reform, just as Oregon was a pioneer in adopting the initiative and referendum a hundred years ago, and more recently in nation-leading reforms like vote-by-mail and automatic voter registration. This is our chance to lead on voting reform and offer a better model to the rest of the nation.