• STAR Voting was used in the 2020 Independent Party of Oregon primary for Secretary of State and State Treasurer, as well as in a presidential preference poll.
  • The Democratic Party of Oregon is using it to elect Oregon's presidential delegates to the Democratic National Convention.
  • It is being used for all internal elections for the Multnomah County Democrats.

For more information, check out our Elections Case Studies page.

  • Additionally, STAR Voting has been tested in small groups and computer simulations of various election scenarios and has performed very well.  http://star.vote lets you easily set up a STAR Voting election or vote in existing polls. Check it out!
  • We see this as a pivotal moment for Oregon to pioneer a new path in voting reform, just as Oregon was a pioneer in adopting the initiative and referendum a hundred years ago, and more recently in nation-leading reforms like vote-by-mail and automatic voter registration.