Canvassing Packet

Print all materials double-sided and put them on a clipboard:

Signature and Cover Sheet (Coming soon!)
(5 copies recommended. It must be printed double-sided on at least 20 pound, 8 1/2 x 11", uncoated white paper. Form must be printed correctly for signatures to be valid.)

Charter Amendment and Ballot Title (Coming soon!)
(Law requires you to show this document upon request while canvassing. 1 copy. Pro tip: Put inside a page protector and use to keep clipboard dry in case it rains while you're canvassing)

Signature Gathering Script and Instructions
(1 copy. Read carefully and follow instructions to the letter! Feel free to vary the script itself depending on what works for you.)

Door to Door Canvassing Script
Feel free to vary the script itself depending on what works for you.)

(1 or more copies)

(print 10 pages and cut in 1/2)

Spanish Handout

(If needed print 10 pages and cut in 1/2)

Sign Up Sheet
(1 copy)

To collect signatures for the Lane County Initiative don't use these materials! Get set up on their website.


Press Kit and Outreach

Write to papers, publishers, editors, political leaders, community leaders, people you know, potential volunteers, and activists! Link these and other links from the website here and feel free to have people reply to Sara if needed. 

Sample email
Fill in your name, tailor the intro or the whole thing to your needs, and send it to anyone and everyone who will listen! We've contacted most political groups and leaders already by now. Let them know this matters to you! 

One Sheet
for an attachment to your emails.

Sample Ballot
an attachment or image for emails.

How Does STAR Voting work? Infographic
an attachment or image for emails.

How Does STAR Voting work? Black and White Infographic
For print materials in black and white.

Op-Ed or Newsletter Submission
Longer version included here, feel free to print in part or in its entirety. 

Op-Ed One Page

"It's Fatally Flawed" Video Series


Presentation Toolkit:

Demo Ballots for Presentations

Volunteer or Intern Full Info Handouts

Slideshow for 5 Minute Presentation

Slideshow for 10-20 Minute Presentation

email: [email protected] for mini-zines!


Graphic Design Toolkit

Use these materials to make up flyers, postcards, handouts, handbills, banners, or mural designs. Go! 

For fonts, the STAR Voting Score-Then-Automatic-Runoff text from the logo is Anteb which is not free. If you have this please use it for everything. The other front we use when Anteb is not available is Monserrat, which comes stock for google docs.

We have a Brand Guide 1.0 which is a great go to for all of our colors, design elements, graphic elements, and talking points. The brand guide itself is not meant to be pretty, but to be a resource for creating beautiful and consistent materials that all match each other. Other approved colors that can work with the theme can be found on this website!

Please consult and work with Sara to approve new materials you make and to make sure you're on target! We do our best to ensure that this page is up to date as our marketing evolves, but


Equal Vote Logo Type Graphics 

Equal Vote Logo on Charcoal

Equal Vote Icon on black


Ballot Graphics

Simple Ballot


Other Graphics

Spoiler Effect

Bullet Points for Posters

Call To Action Bullet Points for Posters

VSE Complete Table

VSE Main 4 + STAR

VSE Strategy Chart


If you're working on a project and need materials you don't see here, please ask. Our best and most current content isn't on here yet, but it will be soon!    email: [email protected]