A walk-through of the voter experience

Voters had the option to choose to vote by mail or vote electronically.


Paper ballots were mailed to those who requested a paper ballot. Ballots were then mailed back to the Democratic Party of Oregon and had to be received by June 12th, 2020.


An email was also sent to all eligible voters with the voter's unique online ballot ID. If a voter who chose to vote by mail missed the deadline to mail their ballot in they could still vote online. If a voter submitted both a paper and online ballot then the online ballot took precedence.


Voters received an email with their ballot credential information:


Voters logged in to the online system and input their Elector ID and password:

Voters were shown a list of the races they are eligible to vote in:


Ballot Instructions:

After the ballot was filled out, voters were presented with a confirmation page where they reviewed and confirmed their scores.


After completing each ballot voters returned to a screen where they could select the next ballot they would like to vote in, or review their voting receipts.

Voters logged out when they finished voting.

This election was conducted by the Democratic Party of Oregon, and paper ballots were scanned using Remark software. Online voting was hosted through the Simply Voting platform.

For more information on the election and to see the elections results, go to DPO.org.