STAR Voting 101:


"How Does STAR Voting Work?"

STAR Voting, explained simply.


"STAR Voting: It sure beats the alternative" 

The whole thing in a nutshell. The problem. The solution. 


The "Is Fatally Flawed" Series


"The Problem"

Part 1 in the "It's Fatally Flawed Series" covers the problems with our current voting method.


"The Options"

Part 2 in the "It's Fatally Flawed Series" introduces a few alternative voting systems which have been proposed. 


"The Solution"

Part 3 in the "It's Fatally Flawed Series" explains what STAR Voting is, where it came from, and why we need it. 

Essential Reading


The Problem

Polarization, glass-ceilings, lack of representation, lack of diversity, voting for the lesser of two evils, spoilers, mud-slinging, inflated influence of money in politics, corruption, two-party domination. You name it, it's either caused by or compounded by "Choose-One" Plurality Voting.


What is the Equal Vote?

It all comes down to 'One Person One Vote.' Specifically, your vote should be just as powerful as mine, no matter where we live, how many candidates we like, or if we are in a minority faction. The voting system shouldn't play favorites. 


Election Accuracy

One of the most important criteria we use to evaluate voting methods is "Accuracy", but how do we determine if a voting method is accurate? Does it elect the candidates who should win? Is it fair and representative?


Comparing Voting Systems: A Report Card

Take a closer look at 3 voting systems under consideration in Oregon. Choose-One Plurality, STAR Voting, and Instant Runoff Voting (Ranked Choice) as we compare them point by point according to the 5 central pillars of a just voting system.


Multi-Winner and Proportional Representation Elections

Governing by council is probably one of the oldest methods in existence and the round table model can mean that diverse factions within the population can still have a voice, even if they don't have a majority.

For the Electoral Reform Enthusiast


A Glossary for Voting Enthusiasts

Wonky voting theory terms, defined and explained in alphabetical order. A must read for the aspiring expert. 


Criteria: Evaluating voting methods and the criteria we judge them by

“The fact is that the voting method we use in most of the English-speaking world, is absolutely horrible, and there is reason to believe that reforming it would... alleviate much political dysfunction and suffering.” - Jameson Quinn


A Farewell to Pass/Fail: Why We Ditched Later No Harm

STAR Voting is simple. 5-Best, 0-Worst. As a rule of thumb, it's a good idea to give your favorite or favorites a full five stars, give your worst candidate or candidates zero stars, and arrange the others in between.


Presenting STAR-PR: The Equal Vote 0-5 Star Proportional Research Committee
Watch the presentation video here.

The Equal Vote Coalition is proud to present Proportional STAR Voting. This mini e-book is a primer on Proportional Representation in general and a report on the committees, process, notable proposals, and some of the key considerations that led up to the committee's recommendation.


Phase 2 Report: The Equal Vote 0-5 Star Proportional Research Committee

Proportional Representation is the cutting edge of voting science and we are excited to be on the forefront. This report summarizes the committee's findings at the end of Phase 2 of the project.


STAR Voting Municipal Adoption Costs

A number of folks have asked about the cost implications of adopting STAR Voting. This article covers both the long and short-term financial advantages of implementing STAR Voting while taking a look at the components of the cost analysis.

Refuting Debunked Sources


STAR voting is a good idea. @FairVote is making a mistake by undermining it.

In just over 2 weeks, Lane County, OR will vote on whether to use a new voting method for local elections... but FairVote has released a position paper on STAR voting which any reasonable person would read as deeply skeptical. Although the paper does begin by saying that FairVote “does not oppose efforts for STAR voting”, most of it is devoted to arguments against STAR. These arguments are factually wrong..."  


Refuting 2019 OR League of Women Voters piece on STAR

As promised, here is a list of notes for the problematic LOWV paper circulating... These points were all addressed in our meetings with Lane LOWV in 2018 and 19 and with PDX LOWV in 2020. It is our hope that there is a more current paper that could be shared with these points corrected, but if not I'd be happy to consult on that. All the points below can be independently verified, and I've tried to include key citations for each point despite the short notice."  

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